Monday, 5 December 2011

For Christmas

I made some enormous gift tags from old folders, buttons and ribbon. Why I made them so large I don't know. I do like them though.

I stitched a doily thing. My stitching is very wobbly (hey, I was helping people sew table runners at the time) but I like it and it makes me feel happy.

I made two prints to give as gifts. I really need to go to IKEA now, as the list of frames I need to buy keeps getting longer and longer. I decided earlier in the year to have a handmade Christmas (this is always my plan) but to keep it simple I would only give prints, plants and pillows. Well, I didn't grow anything so now it's down to prints and pillows. Hmm, IKEA have cushion inserts too, don't they . . .

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Lotti said...

Love the things you have made. The gift tags are very pretty.