Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cheese burgers

The other night I had a dinner planning session with my family. The most suggestions came from the three year old. He said things like pizza, cheese burgers, nuggets and chips, etc. Not really the suggestions I wanted. To please him I thought it would be good to make some of his suggestions. This was our cheeseburgers with bread and burger patties made by us. It was yummy, not too hard and best of all - the boy at it without threatening to throw it on the floor! I must make burgers more often.


Sarah said...

I have the same issue... But the older ones just dont eat it. Stirfry is a no no as far as they are concerned - humfh.

Like you I ask them for meal inputs. Usually it is Spag Bolg, tacos etc - which are all good and I can make healthy. Just I get sick of them very quickly!

The little man - well tat is another issue. He prefer to stage a play at his high chair than eat...

Lotti said...

Oh Cool, it's good when they eat what you give them without any problems. So just the fact that he got to choose what he wanted to eat might make the difference. Good Luck.