Sunday, 15 January 2012

A post all about food

Preparing food is hard for me. In order for dinner to appear at an appropriate time in the evening I usually have to start thinking about it at breakfast time. Even when I plan meals out at the beginning of the week I still need to spend a significant portion of my day talking myself into it. I realised this past week that I am bored with the whole thing and not really appreciating the fabulous blessing of having enough food to feed my family. When things in life are too easy I am quick to forget how great they are. No real work goes into getting and preparing our food (and no, I don't count taking three small children to the shop as hard work) and very little creativity is need. Well, I am a creative person so I need to change how I think about dinner in order for me to appreciate it more and make it less of a burden. I have signed up to get an organic box of fruit and veg and want to buy less prepared things and more basic ingredients. Making dinner can be fun! Well, so far it has been less of a burden. I have been involving the kids more and have tried things I have never done before (hooray for tortillas). I am also loving getting random seasonal fruit and veg. Makes life more exciting.


Sarah said...

I am so the same about dinner... and lunch. SIGH

I have asked the family now what they want for dinners before I go shopping. Sometimes they can be helpful...

This week while hubby is away I have decided to have tinned baked beans and tinned spaghetti etc - easy and simple and good for us. Then I have to think of two more easy simple meals from scratch with lots of vegies. Umm might go look in the vegetarian book.

Lotti said...

I'm with you too on that .... I don't like cooking or preparing food very much at all. I like doing the easiest thing possible. Fortunately I have grown up big kids who can fend for themselves. I guess I got a bit sick of nobody knowing what they wanted to eat and also all wanting something different ... just gave up a bit in the end.