Thursday, 21 June 2012

Melbourne Aquarium

We are having a relaxing holiday in Melbourne at the moment, interspersed with something a bit more exciting. Earlier this week we did the Melbourne Aquarium. The kids loved it! Especially these little dome things you could go in and feel like you were in the 'fishtank'. There were shark eggs and star fish you could touch and we fed fish. So fun!


Sarah said...

We did the Sydney Aquarium when we were last on the mainland and it was the day after the zoo/lack of day sleep - oh my I am sure the visitors wanted me to throw the Little Man in the shark tank he was just so difficult!!! (big deep breath). Hopefully next time we will be a bit wiser and enjoy the venue... EVEN see the penguins which son 13 has been wanting to do for a VERY LONG time (since they arrived).

Lotti said...

Never been to the Melbourne Aquarium. Next time I'm in Melbourne I must go and have a look. It looks awesome.