Sunday, 5 August 2012

A disaster and a triumph!

Being a mother of many children and also someone who likes to have everything with her 'just in case' my bag is a big deal to me. I like it to be pretty but I NEED it to be functional. As I can never find the perfect bag I have to get a new one every 2-6 months which is really not so good. My most recent purchase was a complete failure and has been driving me insane for a while now. I was rescued by my son not closing a drink bottle before he put it away and after I noticed the water pouring out of the bottom of my bag I declared it ruined and decided to make myself a new one. It must have been a fluke, but my new bag has turned out really well and so far I love it! I still need to make a series of small pouches in coordinating colours to live inside (first aid, snacks, nappies, etc) so everything is easier to find but I can see it all working. Don't you just love it when something works first go!

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kelly said...

that bag looks fantastic! function and beauty and I love the red!! :)