Monday, 6 August 2012

I am a knitter

I really like knitting, but recently it has occurred to me. I am a knitter! Not saying I am a perfect knitter or that I can knit anything, but I am a knitter. For such a long time now it has really been my favourite and most relaxing past time, and it's productive too (just love being productive)! I have recently finished jumpers for my kids and a hat a booties for my cousins new baby and I have a cardigan for me and one for my littlest on the needles. The funny thing is I am finishing things! Articles I have knitted are getting worn and washed and worn again. It's a pretty good feeling. I get that same feeling when my kids wear clothes I sew or use quilts I make, but it is just more with knitting. I have been thinking more and more about getting my spinning wheel out and set up again. Once I have got our art cupboard organised of course.


Lotti said...

I love knitting so much, although recently I have taken a liking to Crochet and have done a couple of things and enjoyed it.

I'm knitting baby things at the moment too. Have just finished a hat and booties and am now onto another hat.

I used to knit a lot when my children were growing up, but now I don't do nearly as much knitting. I would knit for my grandchildren if I had contact with them, but sadly I don't, so I've decided to start knitting for my great nieces and nephews and others that might be having babies in the ward. I find knitting very relaxing and rewarding.

Love your little hat and booties, they are so tiny, but then babies are so tiny.

Sarah said...

WOW look at all those projects.

Knitting seems to take so long for me but I agree with you - I find it very satisfying as well : o )

Kris said...

Yes! You are a knitter! Glad you are enjoying it so much. (Pretty knitting!)