Thursday, 13 September 2012

WARNING: Post contains feminine hygine products

I personally don't think pads and such are gross, but know that some people do. I have been thinking for a while about going cloth and then one of my sisters mentioned she was going to give it a go and I got brave. These are the first of my new stash and I am super happy with them so far. I used my old pads as a bit of a pattern and added to the wings. They have a layer of PUL, three layers of bamboo fleece and have quilting flannel on the outside (all things I had on hand). They are super comfy and super cute. I will be making more soon!


Sarah said...

Way to go!

Kris said...

They are so pretty! (Oh and Sophie appreciated the warning.)

Jantine said...

I have been thinking of making them too. But some English terms still make me wonder, what is PUL??